1. Social Responsibility
One is to put the principles of social responsibility into the enterprise to formulate decision-making and implementation of the whole process of decision-making; Second, the organization in the establishment and improvement of its governance system, social responsibility should be the core theme and related issues into account; third is committed to social responsibility Into the whole organization; four is to pay special attention to play the role of leadership, especially in the social responsibility decision-making, training staff awareness of social responsibility, social responsibility into the whole organization and so on.

Respect the care of employees
In the course of the existence of labor relations, to ensure equal opportunities, including in the work, wages, safety, promotion, training and other labor practices to enjoy the same treatment and opportunities
In terms of working conditions, enterprises should do the following protection
First, pay the full amount of wages.
Second, strict compliance with working hours.
The third is to respect the employees of the nation, religion and other customs.
In democratic management and collective consultation, enterprises should formulate and establish democratic management system in accordance with the principles of "lawful, orderly, open and fair", including the workers 'congress (or the workers' congress), the public affairs system (employee) And supervisors and so on.
In occupational health and safety, enterprises should refer to GB / T28001 "occupational health and safety management system norms" to develop occupational health and safety policy, the establishment of occupational health and safety management system.
Through technological innovation to reduce all aspects of production activities on the environment may cause pollution, protect the environment
Enterprises help charitable people through the charitable behavior to develop education, social security and health care

Create a beautiful environment, build environmental brand
Improve environmental awareness, and comply with environmental laws and regulations

2. Corporate Culture
Corporate philosophy: people> services> profits

Management philosophy: people-oriented, mind first

Production concept: humanization of the regularization of internationalization

Business philosophy: profit = sales - cost

Quality Concept: Quality - the starting point of value and dignity

3. Seiko Manufacturing - equipment display
Equipment display first-class hardware facilities, first-class management to ensure a first-class quality. The company introduced a comprehensive international advanced equipment, on behalf of the world's highest level of production lines. Clothing production process to achieve full digital control, to ensure that the industrialization of mass production and the perfect combination of a high degree of unity.

4. Team Strength
We develop strategies and detailed action plans to improve organizational performance, explore strategies, explore problem production, define organizational goals and structures, distinguish and define individual responsibilities, identify problems that are resolved by teams, and when the problem will be resolved; The high-end willingness to decode what everyone deserves to do is to create a long-term, wrap-up organization channel within the organization that makes the team react more quickly and creatively.

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